Definition of "Entheogen"

Quick Definition: mind altering, psychedelic, spirit inducing, shamanistic substance

Some of you who stumble upon this website may be slightly puzzled by a word in our header that is probably unfamiliar to many: Entheogen. Converted into a noun, the word becomes Entheogen, and the two terms have recently become quite popular among aficionados of botanically and chemically fueled visionary experiences. Rolling off the tongue somewhat easier than the earlier "psychedelic" and also free of that word's accumulated cultural baggage, they have become the terms of choice for many modern psychonauts to refer to their plant and chemical teachers and the states of consciousness that result from their ingestion; in fact, there is now even a print publication devoted to such matters entitled "The Entheogen Review." The term means literally 'becoming divine within'. Or...

En = Within, Inner
Theo = Divine, God
Gen = Becoming, Creating

This is not a word that is destined to replace any other word such as "drug" or "psychedelic", but as a rule, it's a bit more inclusive of all the substances that produce altered states of mind.

Jonathon Ott wrote of the creation of this word in his book (page 37) of "The Age Of Entheogens / The Angels Dictionary" :

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