Durell T. Bosworth

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I am a 40-year-old man who has lived with full-blown AIDS since 1984. I have been on every AIDS drug there is. I started them as early as 1988 with AZT. So to keep it short, I am on a lot of AIDS drugs, and have taken all of the drugs that have been approved by the FDA. Between the meds and the side effects, my life has been very hard.

I am a very spiritual person who has always looked for greater insight, wisdom, and peace of mind. I have used meditation and Reiki for years to help keep my virus in check. Last month I read an article in the paper about Salvia D. I then did a lot of research before buying my first ounce of leaf and a gram of 10x extract. Since then, I have used Salvia as a meditational and ceremonial tool with fabulous results.

To my doctor’s surprise, since I started smoking Salvia two to three times a week, my viral load has gone down, and my T-cells have come up. This means that the virus in my body has weakened. My MD can't explain it, but I know that Salvia has helped me. My panic attacks have stopped. The nausea from all of my meds has stopped. The occasional depression has stopped. It seems that the more "breakthroughs" I receive from Salvia, the better I feel. I have introduced Salvia to a few friends who also have AIDS. I always put on a Reiki CD that has very mellow music and use spirit chimes and a Tibetan sprit bowl to get into a right frame of mind before going on a Salvia journey.

All of my friends who have shared my Salvia ceremonies with me are feeling better in different ways. There are six of us all together, and all of us have seen changes in our health for the better. Such changes that have accrued are, anti-depression effects, not nauseated any more, viral loads going down, T-cells going up, and just a better outlook on life. A few people have started to work on issues that they have kept locked up in their heads from childhood. Salvia extracts seem to take people back to their childhoods. At least that is with some of my friends. Some of the childhood trips were not good and made them feel frightened, but after it was over they were able to reflect on it for days. With this insight, they have been able to work through "crap" that they had long ago forgotten.

I hope people will look into what I have just written. I really think it helps the mind, and at the same time helping with weakened immunity. The power of the mind is what makes AIDS survivors a reality.