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Salvia Extract

Standardized 20x Salvia Divinorum Extraction

20x standardized salvia d. extracted

We infuse pure salvinorin extracted and washed with pure grain alcohol onto carefully crushed organic, pesticide free Hawaiian leaves, providing a consistent quantity of exactly 50mg of salvinorin per gram for 20 times strength. No harmful chemicals are used anywhere in the process.

Non-Standardized "10x" Salvia Extracts

10x non-standardized salvia extract

We take 100 grams of leaf and infuse it onto 10 grams of leaf, providing NON-standardized, but less expensive, and still high quality 10x extract. Unlike many other venders, we use ethanol-only extractions and all-organic leaf.

My Salvia Extract Experience by Bryan

Yesterday I experienced my first experience of Salvinorin A. I had two inhalations of some Salvia extract. Needless to say, there was a negative undertone for my salvia experience. Because of this, I seemed to begin losing trust in the spirit (if I ever had trust to begin with--I was pretty shook up the whole time), and everything he did seemed to be perceived by me as a negative action, or at least a sarcastic one. I don't believe this is how it was supposed to be. I definitely believe this had to do with that strange song.

Non-Standardized "6x" Salvia infusation

buy 6x standardized salvia extract

We take 60 grams of leaf and infuse it onto 10 grams of leaf, providing NON-standardized, but less expensive, and still high quality 6x extract. Unlike many other venders, we use ethanol-only extractions and all-organic leaf.

a standardized extract will be absolutely consistent from batch to batch, always containing the same amount of salvinorin A. A crude extract will vary in potency from batch to batch depending on the potency of the leaves it was made from. Salvia plants vary in potency a great deal depending on many factors, including: time of year they were harvested, temperature, light levels, nutrient levels, humidity, age of the plants, etc. A standardized extract removes all these variables and you know each batch will be exactly the same.

2C-B, Blue Lotus & Salvia divinorum by Ray Aten

After the Lotus we got the Salvia extract out. I had already been putting a little on with the Lotus to prepare us. I did a hit of Salvia extract (5 times extract) and wooooshhhhhh. A wave of pure bliss had swept me into Nirvana. I shut my eyes. I was flying down a tunnel with spirals of light on the walls. But the tunnel wasn't round, it was made out of multidimensional planes of darkness and I was a part of it. Well actually 'I' in the normal sense did not exist. The experience I was having and the thing I was experiencing were the same thing-they were nothing. I opened my eyes after what seemed like infinity but was actually only a minute or two. Wave after wave of bliss. All I could experience was what the Salvia had given me. I could see the rave going on around me, but I was timeless and spaceless. I carried on smoking Lotus and Salvia and Cannabis every hour or so all night. I felt completely in control the whole time. It was like my brain had been made super efficient.

As a result, I think Salvia divinorum is still legal because someone, somewhere realizes what massive repercussions lie waiting if a hasty move were made in a system already feeling the weight of its own failed policies. But, I also think that it partly because many of us believe in the power of the spirit to change the dream. For example: If you think one person can't affect a change, just imagine what the world would be like if there were no opposition whatsoever to the failed Drug War or any of the policies and laws you disagreed with. The government is doing what they can in face of the opposition, who makes their job increasingly difficult. Use your voice and the internet to educate and inform. Many websites were inspired by the outrageous actions of the government as we realized that we can't be afraid to act against, and to spread the word about what we believe in. If we sit around doing nothing; the government automatically wins. Bullied into non-action and thinking that we are powerless is what they dream of.

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Salvia's Effects


When smoked, Salvia generally comes on very quickly. First effects are noticed between 20-60 seconds after smoking, increasing to peak effects within 1-2 minutes.


The primary effects of Salvia divinorum last between 5-15 minutes. There is then a come-down period of 20-40 minutes before returning to baseline. One thought in my head immediately after coming back was that I had narrowly escaped being stuck in that “time-void.” Like I was still believing in that revelation I mentioned before. At this point I finally made visual contact with my friend, who had been with me the whole time, watching over me. But I was still hallucinating. I asked him who he was, where I was, and what I was doing. He answered my questions, reminding me that I had just smoked some Salvinorin, and I finally remembered having done that. I then asked him how much longer I would be feeling the effects, and he told me for a few more minutes. And I responded with “I want it to stop now.” He told me I needed to wait and let it stop on its own. I tried to get up, but I felt like I was locked down to the floor. Gravity began playing with me very strangely, and I began to feel as if I were twisting, or rolling, and I began to physically roll my body around on the floor to match what I felt in my head.

The Experience

Depending on dosage, the Salvia experience can vary from a subtle, just-off-baseline state to a full-blown psychedelic experience. At higher doses users report dramatic time distortion, vivid imagery, encounters with beings, travel to other places, planets or times, living years as the paint on a wall or experiencing the full life of another individual. Needless to say these can be extremely powerful experiences and should only be attempted with a sitter. While most people remain unmoving during the experience, some individuals will attempt to get up and walk around while in a completely dissociated state.

While sub-threshold effects are somewhat innocuous--leading some people to be cavalier in subsequent experiences--once full effects are achieved, many people find S. divinorum to be unpleasantly overwhelming and more scary than fun. As has been found with pharmaceutical kappa-opioid agonists, salvia is aversive for many who try it.